Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Carving fun

So it turned out to be a fun afternoon. The boys weren't thrilled with the pumpkin dremel, however, I found it to be quite useful for the type of pumpkin I wanted to do. I like the innards, pulp, layer? left intact and they like the open face look, where you cut all the way through. Tom and I did two characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas and little T did a skull pattern out of the book that came with the tools. Turns out my fiance has a knack for pumpkin carving and he can bang out a carving in no time flat! It was so impressive :)

The pumpkin dremel comes with a dremel bit that isn't like a saw its like 4 tiny nub blades on the end which spin really fast. I think that Tom thought it was going to be like a mini saw. I loved it because it was easier on my hands an wrists that cutting it by hand. However, it is really really messy so I would definately reccommend either laying out a lot of plastic or doing it outside. Clean up wasn't too bad but if your doing more than one or two pumpkins with could be bad.

Here's my Pumpkin king pumpkin carving looking all scary and stuff!

All three finished pumpkins on my front porch... and the tin can mummies I made. Tutorial to follow

What you need:

Empty cans from veggies and or beans
Cotton balls
tacky glue (or whatever glue is most convenient)
googly eyes

First you stretch the cotton balls out and put little drops of tacky glue randomly in spots and then attach lightly to outside of the can. It doesn't have to be an exact science the cotton is just used to make your mummy bulky. It doesn't have to be glued on the whole way either because in the next step you are going to wrap the entire can with gauze....

So as previously stated you will wrap the can in gauze. You want to do random folds here and there but try to get it even at the top and bottom so you don't have a one sided mummy. It should end up similar to the next photo. Once you reach the end you can just tuck the tail in or you can glue and tuck if you want it to be more secure.

For the googly eyes I just found two nice folds i made in the gauze, applied a drop of tacky glue to each and tucked them in the fold. MUMMIES!

OooOOoOOooo scary. They are a nice cheap addition to your halloween decorations. I will be putting tea lights in them next week and having them lite up on halloween for trick or treat night :)

Happy Hauntings ya'll

Infinite love and gratitude
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