Thursday, October 18, 2012


Today I got to spend the day with my parents and my sister and her family in Baltimore MD. It was a fun filled day spent at the aquarium. I got to thinking about how important family is. I know so many people who are at odds with their family some for good reason, some not so much. I didn't get to choose them and I don't always agree with them but I have to say they have always been there for me when i'm down and to celebrate when things are good. I love them and I feel pretty fortunate even if at times I wanna bang there heads together, especially times when my mother is driving...and my father is trying to also control the car from the passenger seat...ah good times. Grab your mother and hug her today friends... Or stab her...but gently cause she loves you.

I'm kidding,don't stab your mother that's crazy!

Inspiring thoughts brought to you via my brains.

Infinite love and gratitude,


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